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About Amaizu Melody

I’m a software engineer specializing in building (and occasionally designing) exceptional digital experiences.

Who Am I?

You can only become great at that thing you’re willing to sacrifice for.

An experienced software developer with expertise in the design, development, testing, and maintenance of software systems. I am competent in various platforms, languages, and embedded systems with versatile and promising skills, and proficient in various technologies, including Laravel, Django, and Angular. I am able to self-manage and collaborate on independent projects as part of a team. I am experienced in user interface design, prototyping, and experience research.

I am currently in the process of learning, unlearning, and relearning the concepts of software development and engineering.

I aspire to use "being empathetic" and my love for technology and humanity to build better products that can help all humans, irrespective of race, gender, and disability.


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Where I’ve Worked

The University Of Appied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland


Software Engineer Intern

  • Write modern, performant, maintainable code for a diverse array of client and internal projects
  • Currently working on a django driven project and actively involved in the software engineering proccess
  • Work with a variety of different languages, platforms, frameworks, and software engineering concepts such as Django Rest Framework · Microservices · Angular · Object-Oriented Design · Typescript
  • Communicate with multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, designers, producers, and clients on a daily basis



Software Developer

  • Learned the basics of software development (Laravel) and web development (CSS, HTML, PHP).
  • Moved from beginner to intermediate software development in 6 months through self-study and practising on production-bound software applications while building the web application.
  • Co-built and deployed the web application, which currently hosts over 17,000 users.
  • Partially responsible for the overall quality of the web application.

Tester Works, Remote

MAY 2020 - FEBRUARY 2021

Usability Tester

  • Contributed to the development of software applications by reporting errors, testing, software defect fixing management, and documentation.
  • Conducted formal and informal product design reviews throughout the software development life-cycle to provide input on functional requirements, product designs, schedules, and potential issues.

Hotels.NG(Zuri Training), Remote


Android Developer Intern

  • Collaborated in different teams to build and design mobile applications, such as a kids' storytelling app, by consuming different APIs.
  • Acted as the team co-lead for different projects by managing the projects and collaborating on scalability issues involving access to data and information.

Start Innovation Hub, Nigeria

SEPTEMBER 2018 - MAY 2019

Android Developer Intern

  • Worked to solve complex problems using the latest mobile technologies (Constraint Layouts and Kotlin).
  • Prepare ideas or solution reports and pitch them
  • I learnt the agile methodology for software development using Trello for delivering projects to clients and managing tasks in projects
  • Joined the Facebook incubation Program Fellowship and worked as a mobile developer for a solution that was to be featured on the program.
  • Participated in a 12-week project-create program for 100 selected people from all over the South-south region.
  • Built a simple coffee ordering app.
  • Learnt how to consume Api and use the knowledge to build a recipe application and movie streaming app like Netflix.
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  • HTML and CSS
  • WooCommerce
  • Elementor, Weaver Builder, WP Bakery
Level - Expert

01. Wordpress Design

Due to my extensive experience with WordPress, I am able to quickly create websites and landing pages, as well as revamp or fix any wordpress site. I'm well-versed in using the major page builder plugins, such as elementor pro page builder, weaver builder, and WP bakery, all of which contribute to the creation of mobile-friendly sites.

In addition to knowing how woo-commerce functions, I also know how to adjust various plugins so that they function properly with it.

I have been working as a freelancer on WordPress projects for close to four years, during which time I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sector.

  • Android Studio
  • XML
  • Third Party Libraries
Level - Intermediate

02. Native Android Development

In android I am well-versed in:

  • Build with XML - Constraint,Relative and Linear Layout
  • Understand how to use thirdparty libraries like Retrofit,GSON,Glide, Dagger and more.
  • Using Design Patterns for good quality and reusable code.
  • Backend service integration like firebase, phpMyAdmin etc.

The Kind of Apps that I have worked on previously

  • Static Book App
  • Simple Calculator App.
  • Recipe App
  • Movie Listing App
  • A kidstory telling application
  • Laravel
  • Rest Api
  • PHP
Level - Proficient

03. PHP & Laravel Developer

My experience as a php and laravel developer spans over three years, with continuous improvement and development.
As a laravel developer, I create Rest APIs, fix bugs, and construct web platforms using the Laravel Framework.

The Kind of Apps that I have worked or collaborated on previously

  • Project Management System
  • E-commerce web platform
  • Inventory Management System
  • SIWES attendance alert and logging System
  • Social Media Management Tool
  • And more...
  • Angular
  • TypeScript
Level - Intermediate

04. TypeScript & Angular Developer

As a front-end Engineer I have knowledge in:

  • TypeScript Basics
  • Angular Basics.
  • Directives(ngIf,ngClass,ng-template,Pipes,ngFor)
  • Forms.
  • HTTP
  • Routing
  • Services and Interceptors

The Kind of Apps that I have worked or collaborated on previously

  • MusicPlayer Web App
  • TodoList
  • E-commerce Frontend
  • Simple Portfolio Website
  • Python
  • Django
  • Django Rest Framework
Level - Proficient

05. Django Developer

As a python developer I have knowledge in:

  • Full stack back end using Python Django
  • API calls using Django Rest Framework
  • Third Pirty Libraries(JWT, Swagger etc)
  • SQL based database creation and management
  • and more.

The Kind of Apps that I have worked or collaborated on previously

  • E-commerce platfrom RestAPI
  • Simple Content Management System
  • TodoList API
  • Simple Portfolio Website
  • JAVA
  • Spring
  • Spring Boot
Level - Beginners

06. Spring Developer

As a spring developer I have knowledge in:

  • Java
  • Spring JPA
  • Spring Security
  • Spring Boot

The Kind of Apps that I have worked or collaborated on previously

  • More to come...
  • Figma
  • UI/UX Design
  • Vectary 3D, Invision
Level - Beginners

07. UI/UX Designer

User Experience is THE most important thing for a business in the 21st century era of Websites and Mobile Apps. It is your USP against similar competitors and help you gain a market share by providing highly usable and tested interfaces to your users.

I work for the following use cases:

  • Responsive Website Design
  • iOS and Android App Design
  • Landing Page, Squeeze Page and Leads Page
  • Email Templates

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